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Our Vision

Our aims at Happy Bunnies Nursery School


Our Vision

At Happy Bunnies our aim is:

  • to provide a happy, safe, secure place where children and their families feel welcome and valued;
  • to create an exciting, fun place to be, where children can grow and develop in their own unique way by playing freely, exploring their interests, broadening their knowledge, practising skills and learning together;
  • to encourage children to become independent, life-long learners by helping them to acquire important learning strategies such as concentration, perseverance, critical thinking, creativity, and decision making;
  • to support children in understanding and managing their feelings, solving conflicts calmly and fairly, and developing consideration and tolerance towards others;
  • to support parents in nurturing and valuing their child's learning;
  • to play a role in the community and to be valued as part of it, in order to provide broader learning opportunities, foster respect and responsibility, and encourage children to be generous towards others.