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Weekly Activities

Regular activities at Happy Bunnies


To enrich our curriculum and ensure the children receive expert tuition, specialist teachers come into nursery to teach dancing, ballet, French, music, gym and sports.

Dancing and Ballet  Miss Lisa, our fully-qualified dance teacher, comes in on Monday and Friday mornings to teach dancing to all of our children and ballet to our older ones.  On Fun Fridays there is also disco dancing.

Visits to Barrington Primary School  All of our pre-school children enjoy weekly visits to Barrington Primary School to use their facilities such as the computer suite, large apparatus, reception class area, dining room and outdoor play spaces.  This is a very valuable experience for all of our children, regardless of the primary school that they will attend, as it helps to prepare them for a much bigger environment and for many of the experiences they will encounter at school.   Our weekly visits currently take place on Tuesday mornings.   We also enjoy going to the school for other occasions such as to watch the childrens' school plays and Christmas production.

Music   On Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings, Mrs Davies, our Music Teacher, introduces our children to using musical instruments and singing in a fun and exploratory way, helping them to develop their creativity and their listening skills.

Sports Coaching   On Wednesday mornings our older children are able to develop their games skills with our qualified Sports Coach from Cambridgeshire United Football Club.   There is a £45.00 charge per term for this optional activity.

Messy Play   Monday afternoons are devoted to messy play activities when much fun is had by all!   Old clothing is strongly advised! 

French Lessons   Our lovely French Teacher, Miss Netty, comes on Tuesday mornings at 09.30.   She teaches the children French using lots of songs, games and lively activities.   This session is optional and there is an additional charge of £45.00 per term.

Gardening Project  On Thursday afternoons our children are involved with our gardening project, helping to grow fruit and vegetables which they use for cooking and snacks.   Our pre-school children also visit Diana's garden every term to help her in her amazing vegetable garden.

Woodland Visits  On Thursday mornings there are regular outings to the Queen Elizabeth's Woodlands for fun activities such as bug hunts and scavenger hunts.

Baby Bunnies   On Thursday mornings, 09.30 to 11.00, term time, we hold our parents, carers, babies and toddlers' (under 3's) group. There are many activities such as painting, art and craft, playdough, puzzles, and sit and ride toys, followed by snack time, then parachute play, music and movement, stories, and singing with musical instruments.   There is no charge for this group, although donations towards tea, coffee and snack are most appreciated.  Everyone is welcome, so if you would like to join us please come along.