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Settling into Happy Bunnies

It is very important that children feel safe and secure


For their emotional well-being it is very important that children feel safe and secure, and are allowed plenty of time to get used to the nursery school environment, and to form trusting relationships with their key person and the other nursery school staff.  We therefore always ask parents or carers to stay and support their child during the settling in process.

The amount of time this takes depends on the individual child.   Generally, the younger the child the more support they will need.   For most children under three years of age they will need their parent or carer to stay for at least one whole session, and to remain for part of, or all of, several subsequent sessions.

It is best if the same adult remains with the child for the settling in process so that it is consistent, and, if possible, that the child's siblings do not come, so that the parent or carer can concentrate their attention on their nursery child, and on discussing their child's learning and development needs with their key person.

Your child's key person will take the main responsibility for helping them to settle, and will do their best to make sure that all their needs are met.