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Behaviour & Discipline

Good manners, kindness, fairness, consideration, and inclusive practice


At Happy Bunnies we promote good manners, kindness, fairness, consideration for others, and inclusive practice.  Any behaviour that threatens the happiness or well being of others is never tolerated.

In order to achieve high standards of behaviour and create a happy atmosphere, where everyone feels respected, safe, and secure;

  • children are well supervised by experienced, qualified staff;
  • there is a familiar routine and clear boundaries;
  • a wide range of stimulating and age-appropriate activities are provided;
  • there is regular communication between staff and parents/carers to ensure a common aim;
  • an agreed discipline procedure is used.

Discipline Procedures

At Nursery School children learn about acceptable behaviour.   Learning to share and become part of a group is not easy, and clashes between children are normal.
If a child misbehaves and adult intervention is necessary, it is always done calmly, discreetly and fairly. The child’s point of view is listened to, and, if appropriate, children involved are asked for their suggestions to settle disputes.
Bullying is never tolerated and will always be dealt with appropriately. 
Under no circumstances is physical punishment used, nor are children humiliated or addressed in a threatening manner.  

Our complete Behaviour Policy is available in our entrance hall and can be emailed or posted to parents upon request.