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Happy Bunnies Nursery School

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At Happy Bunnies we are all very proud of what we have accomplished since opening in 1998. We are especially proud of our amazing children, who constantly astonish us with their never ending ideas, immense enthusiasm and outstanding achievements.

Families are at the heart of everything and we sincerely hope that you will always feel that you are welcome at Happy Bunnies, that you are listened to, and that we all truly value the contribution you make to our nursery and to your child’s learning. We believe that by working together we can offer your child a secure foundation for their future education and can share in supporting them to become truly successful life-long learners.

At Happy Bunnies we put emphasis on getting along together, building skills and knowledge, and developing healthy lifestyles.   Kindness, courtesy and consideration of others are also top priorities.

I hope that our website gives you a good insight into Happy Bunnies, but the only way to really find out about our lovely nursery school is to see us in action, so please do come and visit.   Hope to meet you soon!

Sue Kelly, Head Teacher.