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Healthy Eating, Food Hygiene and Food Safety

Providing healthy snacks and drinks


Our children are provided with a light, healthy snack morning and afternoon.

Involving them in cooking and in the preparation of snacks allows opportunities to learn about healthy eating, food hygiene, and safety when using tools such as knives and scissors.

We encourage parents to contribute food for the children's snack such as mini breadsticks, vegetables that can be eaten raw, or fruit.

Children bring their own drink of water to nursery school in a spill-proof bottle or beaker, so that they can freely access a drink when the wish.   At snack time they are offered milk and water.


Food Hygiene

All of the staff have food hygiene training, which is updated annually.

Our children are taught how to wash their hands thoroughly, and learn that they must always wash their hands after using the toilet, and before eating or preparing food.   


Food Safety

Staff are fully informed about children who have intolerances and allergies, and any other individual needs, and a list of these is displayed in the nursery.  Staff are trained appropriately to administer certain types of medication.

As part of our curriculum children are encouraged to take part in activities that help to promote their health, and enhance their knowledge of health and safety.

A range of physical activities are provided daily, both indoors and outdoors, including music and movement, ballet dancing,and sports coaching.   There is a fabulous outdoor area that the children use every morning and afternoon, where there is lots of space to run around, and a great selection of play equipment.