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Meet our Staff

Who's who at Happy Bunnies?


Mrs Kelly  E.Y.P., Q.T.S., B.Ed., S.R.N. -  Nursery Manager

Likes:  Being by the sea, log fires, fairy lights and sunshine.
Dislikes:  Yoghurt and feeling cold.
Other:  I have four children, three cats, dance to keep fit, and love to go to the coast as often as possible.

Mrs Davies  B.Ed (Hons) - Nursery Practioner and Music Teacher

Likes:  Holidays in Cornwall by the sea, playing the piano, reading, walking my dogs (whatever the weather!) and up-cycling furniture
Dislikes:  Getting up early in the morning, sitting in traffic jams and marzipan
Other:  I have two sons, one daughter, two dogs (one of whom likes to eat socks!), three cats and a big garden that keeps me very busy.

Miss Lisa Dance Teacher  (Russian Ballet Society)  M.R.B.Soc. (S/T)

Likes:  Dance, animals, particularly ponies, and I love being in the pony field with as many of my children as possible
Dislikes:  Spiders, people who are rude and don’t say “thank you” and making sandwiches
Other:  I have cats, dogs, hamsters, chinchillas, fish, a bearded dragon called “Puff” and three ponies.   I have a very busy, noisy home, which also includes five children aged from 6 to 24.

Mrs Priddle BSC (Hons), Prof Dip Web Dvlpmnt - Nursery School Assistant

Likes:  Staying warm and log fires, dogs
Dislikes:  Being cold
Other:  I have one grown up son who likes working with computers and I have a very fluffy dog, who likes to go for a walk around the fields.