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Partnership with Parents

Providing the best possible opportunities for children


The Nursery Staff are committed to working in partnership with parents/carers to provide the best possible opportunities for children.

The Nursery School aims to achieve this by:

ensuring that parents/carers have access to the Nursery School Prospectus   (A copy is in the entrance hall, it is on our website,, or a hard copy will be provided if required.);

organising home visits prior to a child starting Nursery School, if parents/carers are agreeable;

ensuring that staff are warm and hospitable to all parents and carers to help them feel welcome and valued;

ensuring that each child has a Key Person, who is responsible for the child and family, in accordance with our Key Person Specification;

involving parents/carers in the settling in process when their child starts nursery;

Partnership with Parents and Carers Policy contd.

ensuring that parents/carers concerns are always listened to and responded to promptly;

making every effort to print information about the Nursery School in different languages when necessary and using sign language and interpreters if possible; 

sending regular letters/emails to parents/carers to keep them informed of current issues;

keeping parents/carers informed about the Nursery School curriculum and about activities being provided;

keeping parents informed of personal day to day issues via their child’s “Communication Book” and encouraging them to use this book to communicate daily, or when necessary;

ensuring that records and information about their child are shown to them regularly and that they are asked to contribute;

ensuring that parental consent is obtained before observations are made on their child;

ensuring that parents are involved in establishing children's next steps and monitoring their progress;

ensuring that parental consent is obtained before records are passed to other providers or to the child’s Primary School;

ensuring that the Nursery School Policies and Procedures are made available for parents/cares to view and that they are invited to share in the formulating and updating of Policies and Procedures;

Partnership with Parents and Carers Policy contd.

ensuring that there are regular opportunities for parents/carers to meet with staff and discuss their child’s progress at times that are convenient to them;  

ensuring that the opportunity to discuss any problems or issues that parents/carers/children may have is always made readily available; 

encouraging parents/carers to use our “Comments and Suggestions” book if this is how they prefer to communicate;

ensuring that any complaints from parents/carers are dealt with swiftly and effectively according to the Complaints Procedure;

encouraging parents to take supportive roles in the Nursery School such as volunteering to help with outings, contributing food for snack/cooking, or providing recipes for the children to cook;

keeping parents up to date with any changes at Nursery School, such as alterations to the opening times and fees;

periodically carrying out questionnaires to ensure that parents/carers have the opportunity to express their views, and informing them of any issues arising and action taken or to be taken.